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Mortgage Broking


Considering that lender policies, products and pricing can change weekly, getting the right advice is just as important for your first home as it is for your tenth. When you first purchased, your current lender probably ticked all of the bare essential boxes. With any new purchase a review of your situation is a wise and prudent course of action to more accurately allow for your current financial circumstances.

Whether you’re a first home buyer, upgrading to a new home, expanding your property investment portfolio, or planning on building your property, here at Afford Accounting, we’ll assess your current needs and present the best solutions available to you.

Personal Finance

Get there sooner with a personal loan.

An extra financial boost is a great way to reach a goal or make exciting things happen in your life.


A home loan is generally a long-term proposition, but in some situations it can make sense to refinance your mortgage.

Refinancing involves taking out a new mortgage and using those funds to pay off your existing mortgage.  During the refinancing process, your broker will look at your other debts as well to determine whether it is beneficial for you to consolidate your more expensive loans into the home loan.  Doing so can save money and result in significant financial gains over time.

Another form of refinancing is a reverse mortgage, this financial product allows you to borrow money using the equity in your home as security. The loan may be taken as a lump sum, an income stream, a line of credit or a combination of these options. Interest is charged like any other loan, but you usually don’t need to make repayments while you live in your home.

Commercial and Specialised Lending

Every business is unique and requires bespoke advice to meet their needs. At Afford Accounting, our commercial finance brokers are ready to listen and provide solutions that will maximize your business potential. Our specialists are educated in commercial property, asset finance, and business finance. Through their connections to a large network of funders, rest assured, they would find a solution that will meet your objectives and requirements.

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